Fatfish Internet Group is a Southeast Asian and Australian based Internet venture investment firm. Fatfish is the first of its kind to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Fatfish partners with entrepreneurs to facilitate building Internet ventures with the potential to scale globally trough its unique “Seed-to-Exit” approach.

The company has a significant pipeline of opportunities at various stages of development, particularly in South East Asia, one of the fastest emerging growth markets.

About us.


About Fatfish Internet Group

Fatfish Internet Group Ltd (‘FFG’) is a Southeast Asian and Australian based Internet venture investment firm. FFG partners with entrepreneurs to help them build and grow Internet businesses via a co-entrepreneurship model.

FFG’s co-entrepreneurship model seeks an active involvement from seed funding stage to exit stage of its investee companies. In parallel FFG seeks to provide a collection of resources and expertise to support entrepreneurs in important areas such as business strategy, staffing, product development and exit strategy. This unique “seed-to-exit” approach makes FFG a strategic corporate partner that provides the funding, resources and invaluable networks to hasten the growth of promising technology businesses.


Company History

FFG was founded in 2011 in Singapore at the famed “Block 71” startups cluster by a team of co-founders that are serial entrepreneurs. All have successful track records in the Internet industry. FFG has dual headquarters located in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia. FFG also operates 2 regional “launch-pad” offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. FFG is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with its trading symbol “FFG”. The Company has been listed since July 2014 and is the first specialist Internet venture investment firm to be traded on the ASX.