Fatfish partners with entrepreneurs to facilitate building Internet ventures with the potential to scale globally through its proprietary process, “Seed-to-Exit”.

The company focuses on digital ideas with a proven business model and is the first Internet venture accelerator to list on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The company has a significant pipeline of opportunities at various stages of development and is targeting growth in emerging markets, particularly in South East Asia.

About us.

Fatfish was established in Singapore in 2010 and is currently headquartered in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia.

The company started trading on the Australian Securities Exchange on July 22, 2014 and is among the first Internet accelerators in the

Asia Pacific region to list on an exchange.



Fatfish operates through two business divisions – the Digital Incubator Division is a digital incubator focused on mobile and social commerce technologies while the Direct Ventures Division is the growth stage ventures builder.
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Our approach.

The genesis of Fatfish is to capture growth through Internet businesses. The company champions a next generation venture capital model of co-entrepreneurship through supporting entrepreneurs at every phase of their growth.

Through identifying growth stage Internet businesses Fatfish is able to partner with entrepreneurs and execute a strategic investment. The company aims to create a roadmap for product development by establishing a monetisation strategy to remove uncertainty.


Fatfish provides a collection of resources and expertise at group level. These include senior executives who support entrepreneurs via our proprietary Seed-to-Exit model.


Product Development


Business Intelligence


Human resources