It all started when seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully built global companies and backed promising companies meet. Fatfish Internet Group were born from the passion, technological enthusiasms and the believe in the desire of success will create great value. Fatfish Internet Group were listed in Australia Stock Exchange in 2015 and has never stop building value since.

Our Mission

We believe that technology will positively impact the change on our world. Pursuing the next great technological trend while building value alongside with the growth of the pursuits is what we are passionate about. We believe in contributing in more than just capital, we believe in the power collaboration will bring the companies to greater heights. Our deep understanding in building and growing companies combined with the focus and hunger by the entrepreneurs will allow us drive and maximize growth.

Our Values

We judge our deal flows on its ability and promise to serve the greater goods and disrupt the “normal”. As we are entrepreneurs we understand and believe that development, launches and sustaining the value of the venture is the key for a winning business model. Our horizon is long term as we know, building a great company does not happen in a day.